Advice & Services – so that Your Figures Add Up

AJW offers you tax advice with an entrepreneurial approach regarding your questions, e.g.,

  • As the founder of a company, do we need a business plan?
  • Which legal structure, investment, etc. offers the best tax benefits?
  • In everyday business do we want not to be involved in bookkeeping and payroll accounting?
  • How can a company pension scheme be set up so that it is tax efficient?
  • Does our bank expect regular business reviews?
  • Does our company work economically?
  • How can we always work things out with the tax authorities in a legally watertight way

You get on with your business – we make sure you are free to do so

Just ask us! You can be assured that you will always receive comprehensive advice and expert services in all tax and finance-related matters.

We do not just think in tables and paragraphs. If required, we will work with you in order to develop strategies for planning your taxes. This way we relieve you of all the duties professional accounting entails for your company.

Advice on and support with companies, tax, human resources, inbound, accounting – our services in detail:

Management Consultancy

Advice With the Bigger Picture in Mind

Save more time for your business
As an entrepreneur you always strive to get things done and make progress efficiently. You can thereby all to easily overlook the figures in the process and fail to notice your balance sheet beginning to show signs of weaknesses. Furthermore, you might be starting out as the founder of a company and would like to use your valuable seed capital as meaningfully as possible. In this case you require proficient and objective guidance: AJW – we do the heavy-lifting for you, so that you can dedicate your time to realising your actual goals!
We offer a range of consulting services so that companies comply their goals
  • Company start-ups
  • Choice of legal form
  • Set-up of a business plan
  • Organisation of accounting and reporting
  • Company organisation
  • Budgeting with target-performance comparisons
  • Budgetierung mit Soll-Ist-Vergleichen
  • Calculation issues
  • Cost accounting
  • Capital expenditure budgeting
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Assistance with loan applications
  • Company evaluations
Tax Advice

Tax Advice & Services

Saving Taxes XXL
There is nothing indecent about saving taxes. In fact, by means of legal tax-saving methods lawmakers aim to encourage activities that ultimately also benefit the community. Tax law is unfortunately so complex that companies particularly often miss good opportunities for making savings. We are there so that you do in fact save in the correct way and that otherwise everything is in order with your taxes.
Our services will put you on the right track
Tax advice and structuring with regards to
  • Choice of the best legal form
  • Tax planning through forecasting and tax calculations for liquidity planning
  • Planning and realisation of tax structuring concepts
  • Profit optimisation through optimum exploitation of amortisation/depreciation, accruals
  • Reorganization of company structure, corporate succession, business transfer, business closing
  • Transfer of residence to and from Germany
  • Founding or closure of a commercial establishment

Tax returns

  • Preparation of tax returns for companies, business men and women, and private individuals
  • Issue of certificates for adherence to tax regulations in balance sheets and income statements
  • Assistance during external tax audits

Help and Advice For Your Books

Let us make more of your figures!

Doing things right gives you a sense of satisfaction. As with many things in life, the same applies to accounting. Careful bookkeeping is an important tool in corporate management: It’s the basis of all business management as well as the successful control of in-house processes. Our services will reduce your administrative work and support you in appreciating and enjoying your figures!

Services which benefit you
  • Financial accounting, asset accounting, tax records
  • Monthly VAT returns
  • Cost accounting
  • Managerial advice
  • Monthly reporting
  • Controlling
  • Statistical reports
  • Preparation of statutory annual financial statements
  • Preparation of annual financial statements based on IFRS
  • Development of tax accounts and tax balance sheet
  • Cash based accounting and year end
  • Procedure document
Human Resources Management

Relief in Human Resources

Nowadays, being an employer employs yourself a lot

You will always aim to motivate your staff and especially keep the top performers on board. In an ever-tightening market you need to therefore attract promising applicants by means of attractive benefits. And not only the tax authorities are looking over your shoulder: Numerous institutions are vigilant about the correct and punctual payment of contributions.

These are the services with which we get to work for you
  • Monthly payroll computation
  • Wage tax returns
  • Help with
    – medium and long-term salary cost planning
    – audits by financial authorities, social insurance agencies, employers’ liability insurance associations, and pension funds
    – structuring of company pensions and other pension schemes for employees
  • Registration and deregistration with statutory health insurance companies
  • Preparation of social security returns for health insurance companies and workmen’s compensation board
  • Preparation of income certificates for health insurance companies, German employment office (Agentur für Arbeit) etc.
  • Other certificates
  • Calculation of vacation accrual in line with commercial and tax law stipulationsn
Inbound Consultancy

Orientation within German Tax Law

AJW paves the way to Germany for you 

There has been a global economy for a long time now whereas tax law remains a national matter. As a foreign company there might be many pitfalls waiting for you in Germany. However, there are also certain advantages you can exploit. Our experience will ensure you are on the right track right from the word Go!

Our services for foreign companies in Germany
  • Foreign client support in Germany
  • Transfer of residence
  • Opening a company or an operation – registering with the authorities
  • Founding of subsidiaries
  • Orientation through tax and corporate law
  • Tax burden comparison Germany / abroad
  • Compliance consultancy
  • Transfer price structuring
  • Advice concerning double taxation treaties